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Hey, I’m Sophia, a designer, strategist, and brand builder. 


Over the years, I‘ve worked with companies including lululemon and Johnson and Johnson to envision their future endeavors that better address users' needs and improve brand engagement. 

My process uses design thinking to find the sweet spot where consumer insights, core brand tenets, and stakeholder goals manifest in harmony as engaging experiences and clever design solutions. I specialize in branding and strategy and pay particular attention to the way details come together as a whole system (i.e., products, services, and experiences).


One of my greatest strengths beyond design itself is facilitating the collaboration of multidisciplinary teams. I’ve conducted this process for new product rollouts and rebrands alike and find joy in the magic that happens when we work together in harmonious team efforts.


-Brand Strategy
-Trend Analysis
-Art Direction
-Brand Building
-Visual Design and Communication
-Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration
-Project Management
-Systems Design

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