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ShineLA is a novel public health initiative by Cedar-Sinai and the Los Angeles Department of Rec & Parks.


Companies only address the front end of a product's life cycle, leaving e-recyclers to tackle impossible volumes of electronic waste.


Use a product take-back system to create engaging customer experiences and build brand loyalty, while cutting down on waste and emissions.



Redesigned Benchmark product

Circular Ecosystem

Takeback Experience

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Product Redesign 

Circular Economy

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Retail Experience

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Problems and Solutions

Why we are doing this.  


Problem: Ikea uses band-aid fixes for a bigger environmental problem


Solution: Make Ikea the leading example for sustainability and create an engaging user experience   

ikea illistratiosn-07.png
ikea illistratiosn-05.png

Problem: Electronic parts are difficult to disassemble  

Solution: Make recycling e-waste as easy, visible, and transparent as possible   

ikea illistratiosn-06.png

Problem: Mass production treated as a one-way system

Solution: Reduce impact from materials used in the product and extend the usage of the material

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Human-Centered UI

The digital system is designed to be family-friendly, relying heavily on images and icons, which also benefits the (185) possible language barriers in LA.

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Analog Interactions

Low-cost solutions maximize resources. The templatized materials are scalable as each Rec Center inputs its own information. 

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Marketing Strategy

Research revealed that vastly varying communities of LA respond to different image styles. Our solution was a suite of marketing visuals encompassed by the overarching "Ready, Set, ShineLA" Campaign. 

Shine LA spatial-02.jpg
Shine LA posters.001.jpeg
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Stakeholder Map

+ System must be scalable

+ Operate independently

+ Be a model for other cities

+ Be proactive about hazards 

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Study data tracking oppertunities




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Last Project


Food wast intervention

(Branding, Packaging) 


Last Project


Ikea next project

(Product redesign, Circular economy) 


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