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This product ecosystem redirects food from the waste stream through proper management along the food aging process and reinvents waste as an exciting new resource with a product line for pickling and making smoothies.

Project Details: Qualitative User Research | Market Strategy| Package Design| Experience Design Strategy | Product Design | Story Telling and Illustration 

Retail Experience

Understanding the Problem

Food Waste is the food that is wasted, lost or uneaten from start to finish of the production/consumption process.



of global supplies wasted


Trillion lost annually


of greenhouse gasses

Food & Agriculture Produced Annually



1.95 Billion Tons



1.3 Billion Tons 


repurposed, composted, reused



Straight to landfills



Smoothie boosters

Pickling packets

Food storage app


Pairish is a product- app ecosystem that reinvents food waste as an exciting new resource by cataloging groceries to pickle and food prepping, ultimately keeping food out of the landfill.

Designing to optimize

User Behavior


The Smoothish line works to the same effect: chop up blemished or aging fruits, add smoothie boost power and blend. The app allows you to track 'best used by' dates and even suggests an appropriate date to shift produce over to the freezer.


The Picklish line offers an easy solution to round up leftover vegetables. If users know they'll be unable to finish their produce, they can simply add the vegetables to a mason jar with vinegar and a Picklish packet to create a tasty pickled snack. 

The Pairish


Intervention Opportunities 

Changing user attitudes and behaviors, changes the system.




Waste Stream

Changing mindsets and attitudes

Changing consumer demand 

Branding and experience that speaks directly to target users

+​ No BS

+ Visibly real ingredients

+ Culturally inclusive ​

+ Sustainable

Why partner with McCormick?

Millennial foodie crowd connects with specific McCormick products, i.e. Franks RedHot but other product lines fall flat amongst their demo.

Benefit for Pairish Co.:

Minimize effort to get production up and running. As a new venture, they will be able to lean on an established brand in the category. 

Benefit for McCormick:

Mccormick struggles to address the huge, underutilized market and could increase brand awareness of other products.

Revamping Existing Ingredients 

+ Packaging reinvents as labeling 

+ Directions on package and ui

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