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ShineLA is a novel public health initiative by Cedar-Sinai and the Los Angeles Department of Rec & Parks.



Our multidisciplinary team set out to design a digital system that increased health-related resources for marginalized communities in Los Angeles. We were tasked with establishing brand language, designing the digital platform and marketing campaign, and created a city-wide roll-out strategy leading up to the 2028 LA Olympics.



A cohesive branded ecosystem comprised of the interface design and marketing campaign as well as a coherent plan, organized and handed off to developers and content managers.


Sophia Rowland | Project Manager & Design strategist

Wenyuan Xu | UX/UI Design

Camilla Golestaneh | UI & Graphic Design

Robin Vane | Print Graphic Design

Brian Ostroff | Spatial Graphic Design

Jordan Riggins | Poster Illustrations

Why we are doing this  

To raise the quality of life for underserved communities, at-risk children, and low-income families by providing easy access to an otherwise overwhelming, hard-to-navigate index of activities happening all around the metro area. This project brings affordable and exciting fitness and activities to users who might otherwise feel excluded in a city of active people. 

Human-Centered UI

The digital system is designed to be family-friendly, relying heavily on images and icons, which also benefits the (185) possible language barriers in LA.

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Analog Interactions

Low-cost solutions maximize resources. The templatized materials are scalable as each Rec Center inputs its own information. 

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Marketing Strategy

Research revealed that vastly varying communities of LA respond to different image styles. Our solution was a suite of marketing visuals encompassed by the overarching "Ready, Set, ShineLA" Campaign.