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Service design innovation that leveled up how the PAH Companion Program supports patients' evolving needs over time.


Sophia Rowland: Art Direction, Copy Writing,  Design Strategy, Experience and Service Design, Project Lead

Ellie Chen: Graphic Design and Illustration

Don Zinzell: Design oversight




At it's MVP launch, the PAH Companion program was a patience support program created to support the needs of patients starting a new treatment for their terminal condition. The program met the fluctuating needs that come with the beginning stages of this treatment but over time, patient insights and an agile feedback model revealed patients' needs change after they adjust to their new lifestyle. 


Through the creation of a new user journey touchpoint,  patients now have a clear culmination point. During this touchpoint, patients will look back on their progress and growth, reflect on which tools are working well for them, and establish how this program can best support them in their educational and emotional needs moving forward. 

Milestone Family in envelope_PS.jpg
Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 12.48.07 PM.png

This touch point is comprised of a Companion phone call and an accompanying Milestone Kit. Together this comprehensive experience reflects on and celebrates progress while recalibrates personalized support moving forward.

Milestone Letter2.jpg
Milestone verticle.jpg

Key topics of this call experience trickle down into the product experience with corresponding keywords and visual cues. This also helps establish product wayfinding. 

Milestone Notebook.jpg
Milestone_Notebook in use.jpg
Milestone Bookmarks.jpg

Items in this kit are designed to be used in unison and are centered around the theme of personal growth. The Reminder Bookmarks are made of seed paper and can be planted to spark new life once lessons are internalized.

Milestone Bag2.jpg
Milestone Kit Totebag.jpg
2023 Personal Branding-08.png

This project employeed an agile approach, utilizing a scaled pilot to glean insights and quickly iterate on the service offering before the full-scale launch. Feel free to give me a shout if you'd like to hear more about my process! 

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